First Friday Lunch Bunch – Apr 4

First Friday Lunch Bunch (Adult)
Revisiting Peru: One Generation of Changes – Deb Lanni
Friday, April 4, 2014, 11:00am-12:00pm
Audubon multipurpose room
$8 Regular Price; $6 Friends of the Nature Center
Reservations are not required.

A look at how global economics, ecotourism and resource extraction have changed Peru for better and for worse over a period of less than one generation.

Deb Lanni - Huena Picchu

Deb Lanni in Peru

Ms. Lanni will discuss how world demand for inexpensive fruit has led to deforestation of riparian land, how ecotourism has enabled some protection of endangered ecosystems, and how the global demand for gold has put these same critical ecosystems in jeopardy.  Her talk will be illustrated with photographs and video, including footage of four species of macaws using clay licks along the Tambopata River.

Professor Lanni is the media arts program coordinator at JCC where she teaches photography, video and multimedia storytelling.  Her master’s degree is in environmental communication and she is committed to making images and telling stories that increase awareness of both the wonder of the natural world and the problems that face it.

BYO brown bag lunch follows the program.  Audubon provides coffee and tea.